24 June 2015 Breezes on Australia's Best Houses

As one of the newest and most innovative communities in Darwin, our award-winning development Breezes Muirhead featured on the television show 'Best Houses Australia’. This television series showcases some of the most exciting and visually stunning housing projects in Australia.

Airing on Sunday 21 June on Channel 7TWO, the segment featured the innovative and unique aspects of Breezes Muirhead including: the design guidelines for each home which includes a six metre space between each house to promote cross-ventilation, as well as the orientation of each lot to face in a northerly direction to capture prevailing breezes.

Defence Housing Australia’s Managing Director Peter Howman was interviewed for the show and provided a brief history of DHA as well as outlining the key initiatives implemented at Breezes Muirhead. ‘It’s really important that when we build a development that we get social integration between defence families and the other members of the community,’ said our MD. 'Here out of the 1200 lots, we will take out 230 lots for Defence homes and scatter them throughout the development.'

The segment has assisted in positioning Breezes Muirhead as a premium, yet affordable option for those moving to Darwin. The episode was broadcast to more than 500,000 people nationally.

Yahoo TV: Australia's Best Houses