Guaranteed rent

With a DHA property you get a guaranteed rental income for up to 12 years.1 That means you can budget easily knowing exactly what your minimum rental income will be for the term of the lease.

Unlike conventional residential property investment, we calculate your rent from the date of settlement. Rent is accrued daily and is paid monthly in advance.

All of our investment properties undergo an annual rent review and your rental income won't fall below the starting figure.2

Financial institutions look upon this favourably – you receive reliable rent, so they know you’ll have the capacity to repay borrowings.3

Attention: Investment is subject to DHA's lease terms and conditions of sale. Investors retain some responsibilities and risks, including property market fluctuations. Prospective investors should seek independent advice. 1Rent may be subject to abatement in limited circumstances. 2Rental floor applies to DHA properties leased under DHA’s Lease Edition 6C, which will not cover all DHA properties. 3Subject to each financial institution’s assessment of individual circumstances.

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