DHA Property Care


DHA Property Care is an extensive range of property-related services we provide throughout the lease term in return for a service fee.

These services include:

DHA service fees vs real estate fees

We believe our all-inclusive service fee is competitive when compared to the true cost of alternatives. The service fee is calculated as a percentage of the rent and is deducted from your monthly payments. Depending on the property type, we charge:

  • a flat fee of 16.5%
    (inc GST) for freestanding houses
  • a flat fee of 13.0%
    (inc GST) for properties where a body corporate is responsible for some items we would otherwise cover 

DHA Property Care is important because it enables us to manage and maintain our portfolio to a high standard. You also benefit by receiving minimal phone calls or bills about property management, repairs and maintenance.1

Attention: Investment is subject to DHA’s lease terms and conditions of sale. Investors retain some responsibilities and risks including property market fluctuations.
1. Prospective investors should seek independent advice.
2. Figures based on the most likely medium cost scenario as reported by Oxford Economics (September 2017).

Real savings with DHA Property Care

On average DHA investors could save $3,913 a year over a nine-year term, compared to a typical residential property investment.2