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  1. 31 July 2019 Rental as anything: the hidden costs of property investment

    There can be more to budgeting an investment property than meets the eye. We explore the pitfalls - and a good alternative.

  2. 9 July 2019 How to ensure you get that loan in a jittery market

    A skittish economy makes borrowing for an investment property much harder. Here are some ways to convince prospective lenders you’re worth it.

  3. 6 May 2019 Plan not panic: how to manage investment risk

    It’s important to keep a cool head in volatile times. Here are four strategies for reducing risk in your investment portfolio.

  4. 15 April 2019 From first to last: How to buy property at three life stages

    Whether you’re starting out or set to retire, investing in property is a major move. We investigate strategies for various life stages.

  5. 26 March 2019 Regional spotlight: Hunter Valley

    Sydneysiders seeking a change of pace and lower living costs are looking north – and they’re seeing the Hunter Valley.

  6. 19 March 2019 Practical ideas for painless property investment

    There’s no need to lose sleep over buying an investment property. We’ve got four ways to help you shore up a pretty sure bet.

  7. 13 February 2019 Capital spotlight: Adelaide

    When the going got tough, South Australia got growing. Here’s why Adelaide is really looking up.

  8. 6 February 2019 Hot, cold or just right? Let’s talk risk appetite

    Investors largely fall into three distinct categories of risk tolerance. We explore each profile – and offer a few investment ideas.

  9. 24 January 2019 Region spotlight: Ipswich

    A little slice of south-east Queensland is punching well above its weight. Here’s why Ipswich is on the upswing.

  10. 23 January 2019 Capital spotlight: Brisbane

    Brisbane is giving its bigger east-coast city siblings a good run for investors’ money. We find out why its star is rising.

  11. 22 January 2019 Capital spotlight: Darwin

    Darwin’s property market has been fairly dormant in recent years, but now experts are spotting green shoots. We take a closer look.

  12. 22 February 2018 How to ride the cycles like a savvy investor

    Get the 'hot' tips on how smart investors weather a 'not-so-hot' property market.

  13. 20 February 2018 Should you chase rental yield or capital growth?

    Rental Yields or Rental Growth. Both have their advantages, but deciding which is right for you will come down to your personal circumstances. Does DHA have the answer?

  14. 7 June 2017 The habits of tax smart property investors

    With the end of financial year fast approaching we turned to the Australian Taxation Office to learn about the traits of tax-smart property investors. Do you do all seven?

  15. 5 December 2016 Investment yields - Reaping what you sow

    Before you leap in and purchase an investment property, you should really consider what the property will give you – what is its yield? 

  16. 26 October 2015 Low risk property investing with Defence Housing Australia

    The rising trend for buying an investment property may be because of the steady increase in property values across Australia and their attractive weekly rental prices.

  17. 11 June 2015 The importance of having a good tenant

    When looking for an investment property that you intend to lease, your choice of the tenant for the property is almost as important as the actual choice of property.

  18. 5 June 2015 Investing in property with SMSF

    A self-managed super fund (SMSF) lets you control how you choose your assets, tax strategies and retirement planning. With an SMSF, it’s all up to you – you’re in the driver’s seat.

  19. 21 January 2015 DHA acknowledges some of Australia’s most inspirational property investors

    In 2014 DHA was proud to be approached to sponsor the Your Investment Property’s prestigious annual Investor of the Year Award.

  20. 27 October 2014 Short on cash? Why investing in property with a friend could be the answer

    Unless you can access existing equity, or happen to be a superstar at saving, breaking into the market can seem almost impossible for the would-be property investor. But does that mean you should share the cost with a friend?

  21. 20 August 2014 Many roads to property investment riches

    Navigating property investment can be a challenge for even the savvy investor. Whether you’re looking for a long-term or a short-term investment, your goals involve securing a financial future for your family or reducing your taxable income, there are many options to consider.

  22. 13 August 2014 Not all tenants are created equal

    Chances are that you wouldn’t hand over your new car to an unknown driver, nor would you give your diamond engagement ring to a stranger to try on… so is it surprising so many investors are apprehensive when it comes to tenanting their property?

  23. 8 June 2014 Where should i buy next?

    Property investors often want to know where to buy next, but sometimes in their search for the next hotspot they're missing some important variables.

  24. 3 June 2014 How to find and keep good tenants

    Many investors hesitate to buy a property because of the fear of not having a tenant for a period of time. Being without a tenant in your property can cause you to lose sleep. It can also impact on your holding costs and potentially stop you in your tracks from growing your portfolio. The strength of your investment property is underpinned by the strength of your income to support the property, so finding and keeping good tenants is a top priority for stress free investing.

  25. 29 May 2014 Could this be the most fail-proof research strategy?

    Savvy investors know that drivers such as development work or the arrival of a major service hub (like a university, hospital or shopping centre) can add significant value to a suburb.

  26. 13 May 2014 Five easy steps to conduct due diligence like a pro

    It’s common for investors to get caught up in hype or act hastily out of fear of missing out. As a result, they skip over or rush through their market research and property assessment.

  27. 25 April 2014 New credit reporting regime should benefit investors

    The new credit reporting system, which commences on 12 March, will reward good money managers with lower finance costs, according to a mortgage advisory company.

  28. 24 April 2014 A quick guide to home loan pre-approval

    When looking for a mortgage pre-approval, it isn't easy. There are many ways to go about it, and the last thing you would want is for the loan to fall through last minute - particularly if you're looking at buying at auction.

  29. 21 April 2014 Investors continue to drive Australia’s property market

    Nearly 40% of all mortgages processed in March were for investors – which proves just how much investors are currently driving the market.

  30. 8 April 2014 5 things lenders want to see on an application

    There are a number of things that are a big tick for lenders when it comes to home loan applications. Many of them are simple changes you can make, but the result can be extremely rewarding.

  31. 6 April 2014 RBA rate announcement

    The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced the outcome of its monthly board meeting.

  32. 20 March 2014 Credit reporting changes: What you need to know

    One of the biggest changes in credit reporting regime is about to hit Australia. What does it mean for you as an investor and why should you care?

  33. 18 March 2014 No cash? No problem

    Building your portfolio can come to a halt if you have trouble saving for a deposit. You may not be able to generate your deposit through cash savings, but there are still ways to speed up the process of getting into your next property

  34. 4 February 2014 RBA rate announcement

    The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the outcome of its first board meeting of the year.

  35. 29 January 2014 Inflation to keep interest rate in check

    The latest inflation figures point to interest rates remaining at their current all-time low for the foreseeable future, analysts claim.

  36. 23 January 2014 Alan Kohler tips strongest 2014 property price growth for Canberra, Darwin and Brisbane

    RP Data noted this was the fastest annual rate of value growth since August 2010, and the largest calendar year increase in values since 2009 when home values were up by 13.7 percent.

  37. 21 January 2014 Brisbane to overtake Sydney and Melbourne

    Tight supply and high demand are expected to push Brisbane’s property market ahead of Sydney and Melbourne’s markets over the next year, according to a major real estate agency.

  38. 20 January 2014 Housing finance through the roof

    Home loan approvals in November reached their highest level in more than four years, according to new data released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

  39. 16 January 2014 Savings tips for 2014: Get your new home faster

    New home buyers, and even those who want to leapfrog into an upgrade, are regularly told they need to save more. While it's achievable, securing yourself $30,000 or more is a tricky task, particularly if you've never been a big saver in the past.

  40. 14 January 2014 Travelling retirees funded by property

    Grey nomads’ Vicky and John Heathcote always knew investing in property was a sensible option. Two decades after their first purchase, they are now living their dream, Vicky tells Miriam Bell

  41. 13 January 2014 Housing approvals rise again

    New figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows approval growth was strongest in Queensland, up 4.9 per cent, followed by South Australia, up four per cent.

  42. 9 January 2014 Four tips to maximise your equity and build a property portfolio quicker

    There are many factors that can impact your buying power when investing in property. Being aware of them and understanding how they can drive or limit your strategy is the key to fast portfolio growth.

  43. 8 January 2014 January will be 'best month of the year' to buy

    January 2014 will be a buyers’ market and investors should make ‘lower than usual offers’, according to a Sydney-based buyer’s agency.

  44. 7 January 2014 Australian house prices continue to rise

    The outlook for home values in 2014 is looking positive with last year’s figures showing a 9.8 per cent increase over the 12 months to December.

  45. 17 December 2013 Property forecasts for 2014

    2013 was a hell of a year for property markets. Your Investment Property considers what happened to markets this year and examines what investors can expect from 2014:

  46. 16 December 2013 Australia in growth phase: REIA

    The Australian property market is currently undergoing a growth phase, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA).

  47. 10 December 2013 Tell us your story

    Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is calling for both investors and lessors to share their stories and be a part of the DHA testimonial family.

  48. 9 December 2013 Brisbane and Adelaide set for growth

    Brisbane and Adelaide's housing markets are expected to outperform all other capital cities moving into 2014, according to the latest RP Data Quarterly Review.

  49. 29 October 2013 RP Data: 74% of Aussies say now is a good time to buy

    Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Australians feel now is a good time to buy property, according to RP Data’s Nine Rewards Survey of housing market sentiment.

  50. 29 October 2013 Investors urged to rethink rates

    With rate hikes on the horizon, investors should reconsider their current loan facilities, a mortgage adviser company has urged.

  51. 23 October 2013 DHA wins Fund of the Year

    Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is celebrating the announcement that its inaugural fund has been awarded the Property Investment Research (PIR) Unlisted Fund of the Year Award.

  52. 2 September 2013 Housing picks up where mining leaves off

    Home prices are reported to be lifting at the fastest annual rate in more than two and a half years.

  53. 2 September 2013 Consumer sentiment stronger as housing finance increases

    Optimism among property investors is rising.

  54. 2 September 2013 Federal elections must prioritise housing

    The Housing Industry Association is urging both major political parties to address housing needs in their election platforms.

  55. 2 September 2013 Westpac’s Bill Evans sees two more rate cuts

    Westpac’s Bill Evans sees two more rate cuts but all economists agree on no RBA move in September.

  56. 26 August 2013 Stronger market awaits election outcome

    The Federal election is likely to free up the property market regardless of the outcome, according to property experts.

  57. 26 August 2013 NT Property market on the up

    The latest House Price Index points to increased confidence in the greater Darwin property market.

  58. 26 August 2013 How elections impact property values

    Data suggests that Federal elections do have an impact on Australian property values.

  59. 14 August 2013 Two more rates cuts before any major residential price acceleration

    It has been more than 50 years since official interest rates have been as low as they are today reports Cameron Kusher, senior research analyst at RP Data.

  60. 30 July 2013 Consumers warned about another off shore cold calling scam

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued a warning about offshore scammers.

  61. 30 July 2013 Home buyer demand on the up

    Mortgage enquiries for the June quarter increased in all states.

  62. 17 July 2013 The value of vegetation in inner city Melbourne

    Melbourne-based buyers' advocate ‘Secret Agent’ has surveyed the impact that greenery, from median strips to front gardens, can have on property values.

  63. 16 July 2013 Fixed rate demand hits new peak

    Enquiries for fixed rate home loan products are said to have accounted for 40% of enquiries in June – a record high.

  64. 15 July 2013 Five ways to improve your retirement savings

    Mark Bouris of financial services company Yellow Brick Road counsels Australians not to let life get in the way of retirement planning.

  65. 11 July 2013 A lower Aussie dollar is not all bad news

    The relative value of our currency is not always a bellwether on how we are doing as a nation says Mark Bouris, executive chairman of the financial services company Yellow Brick Road.

  66. 10 July 2013 Australian household wealth rises to record levels

    Australian household wealth per capita has grown by 22.1% over the past 12 months, cheering the property market and raising hopes for freer spending.

  67. 8 July 2013 Fixed rates en vogue

    Fixed rate mortgages remain popular, accounting for 30.10% of all loans in May.

  68. 8 July 2013 Refinancing on the table for one in four

    A Mortgage Choice survey indicates that 24% of homeowners are considering refinancing their current home loan.

  69. 7 July 2013 Damaging your home borrowing power is easier than you think

    Many people don’t realise how heavily late payments can impact on their credit rating cautions Heidi Armstrong, chief executive of State Custodians.

  70. 4 July 2013 5 keys to successful property investing

    Nila Sweeney, managing editor of Your Investment Property magazine, says there’s so much ‘noise’ in the property market that if you followed all the ‘chatter’ and prognostications you would be scared to make a move. She offers five tips on what to do.

  71. 3 July 2013 Majority of homes sell for profit

    Properties that recorded a gross profit in the first quarter of 2013 were held for an average of 9.7 years, while homes that recorded a gross profit of more than 100 per cent were owned for an average of 15.4 years.

  72. 2 July 2013 Property preferences are changing

    A barometer of property trends for 2013 shows increasing buyer interest in new properties as well as an 8% increase in investor interest to purchase.

  73. 30 June 2013 What happens to property markets when commodity prices lose their glow?

    Falling commodity prices are not a cause for panic if you’ve researched your investment location and are managing your asset to suit market conditions, according to Simon Pressley, Managing Director of Propertyology.

  74. 26 June 2013 Investor home loans hit five-year high

    Low interest rates and government grants have boosted new housing construction and it’s investors who are embracing the opportunities.

  75. 24 June 2013 Rental demand key to finding best property

    Sixty-six per cent of investors in a recent survey ranked tenant demand above other factors in choosing an investment property.

  76. 23 June 2013 Properties selling faster

    Residential properties across Australia are spending less time on the market than at this time last year.

  77. 20 June 2013 Investors under ATO scrutiny

    Tax deductions can only be claimed for the portion of the year where a property is rented, or available to rent

  78. 20 June 2013 Housing grants remain in SA Budget

    The South Australian Government has extended its cash grant of $8500 for anyone buying or building a new home until the end of the year.

  79. 17 June 2013 The ins and outs of conveyancing

    It’s helpful to understand the different roles that real estate agents and solicitors play in a residential real estate transaction. Pamela Bennett, chair of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, explains the importance of conveyancing.

  80. 13 June 2013 Give yourself a financial health check as tax time approaches

    Tax time provides an opportunity for a financial health check. Mark Bouris, executive chairman of the financial services company Yellow Brick Road, poses some questions for readers.

  81. 12 June 2013 Quick ways to get your SMSF ready for property

    Paul Cahill, CEO of ‘Club Plus Super’, the superannuation fund set up for Club Industry employees in New South Wales and ACT, suggests five steps investors can take to prepare themselves for SMSF property investing.

  82. 12 June 2013 Claim $4,852 in 29 days

    According to Bradley Beer, Managing Director of the quantity surveying firm BMT Tax Depreciation, investors can find it worthwhile to claim tax depreciation on a property even if they have only held it for a short time.

  83. 6 June 2013 No bubble, says Residex

    Residex founder John Edwards says affordability is keeping the housing industry in check because a lot of families are likely to still think they are better off renting.

  84. 5 June 2013 Most homeowners rate financial situation 'solid'

    A survey by the mortgage broker Mortgage Choice has found that 65% of homeowners feel positive about their current financial situation and 77% were making additional repayments towards their mortgage.

  85. 4 June 2013 Invest now but be cautious

    Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) reports that while property investment opportunities are the best seen in years, potential buyers should remember to differentiate between advisers and marketers.

  86. 3 June 2013 Want that home loan? Here’s how to go get it

    Your Mortgage magazine offers five tips on how to get a home loan.

  87. 28 May 2013 8 per cent growth predicted for two cities

    There is speculation that property prices could rise by 8% in Sydney and Perth this year.

  88. 27 May 2013 Let's lose the jargon around superannuation

    Mark Bouris of the financial services company Yellow Brick Road offers help to decipher the confusing jargon that surrounds superannuation.

  89. 24 May 2013 Property investors face greater ATO scrutiny

    The Government will invest almost $78 million over the next four years to to strengthen its capacity to uncover tax avoidance schemes.

  90. 23 May 2013 RBA signals more rate cuts coming

    Further interest rate cuts this year remain on the Reserve Bank's agenda.

  91. 22 May 2013 Confidence surges in the property market

    The number of active buyers likely to be in the market for a home loan over the next year has risen by almost 50%.

  92. 15 May 2013 Economic conditions making it tough for landlords

    Insurance data suggests that many landlord and tenant relationships were under stress in 2012.

  93. 14 May 2013 Changes to the super guarantee

    Changes to super will be gradually introduced from 1 July 2013 and are expected to benefit 8.4 million employees.

  94. 10 May 2013 Darwin set for further growth

    Major resource projects are likely to further reinforce the Northern Territory’s economic position and demand for housing.

  95. 9 May 2013 Property confidence on the rise

    Confidence among property professionals for the residential sector in the June quarter continues to trend upwards.

  96. 8 May 2013 Best property market performance since 2010

    Australian Property Monitors’ senior economist, Andrew Wilson, says the national housing market has recorded its best start to a year since 2010.

  97. 7 May 2013 Do your sums to see if a no-commission home loan works for you

    Finance expert Effie Zahos of Money magazine isn’t convinced about ‘no-commission’ home loans. She cautions that they might not lead you to the cheaper lenders.

  98. 6 May 2013 Rates expected to drop even further

    Weak economic indicators have led some experts to predict further interest rate cuts by mid year.

  99. 3 May 2013 Help your kids learn about budgeting

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has a free online game to help children understand the value of money.

  100. 2 May 2013 Adelaide bucks national property price trend

    Adelaide and Darwin were the only capital cities to record gains in home prices for April and Adelaide was the second highest performing capital city for the quarter.

  101. 29 April 2013 Women are disadvantaged in our superannuation system

    Many women tell Mark Bouris of Yellow Brick Road that they can’t commit to superannuation strategies when they have kids to raise, bills to pay and a mortgage to service. Women, he says, are clearly disadvantaged in our superannuation system.

  102. 26 April 2013 Investors to dominate

    Australian Property Monitors’ (APM's) Rental Yield Report has been described as “a rare treat for property investors.”

  103. 24 April 2013 Property investment not just for the rich

    Investing in property may cost less than you think. DHA's Tony Winterbottom notes that more than 75% of Australian property investors earn less than $80,000 a year.

  104. 23 April 2013 Home loan rates hit record lows

    It pays to shop. The cost of the average home loan is on a par with rates 57 years ago.

  105. 22 April 2013 Build real estate knowledge

    It might not be as easy as ABC, but learning key property terms is a great idea.

  106. 17 April 2013 Top 5 features to consider when you refinance

    You may be able to save on your mortgage. Your Mortgage magazine suggests five features to consider if you decide to refinance

  107. 17 April 2013 Housing market helping to make people wealthier again

    Household wealth is rising with the recovery in housing and other asset markets.

  108. 17 April 2013 NT leads the nation

    The Northern Territory has fulfilled the residential growth expectation of property pundits with more than 12% price growth in 2012.

  109. 12 April 2013 Super risks for investors

    Property investment through super is popular but DHA’s Tony Winterbottom says it's important to look closely before you leap.

  110. 10 April 2013 Rate cuts an unexplored opportunity

    There’s significant money to be saved by making extra repayments off your home loan, whatever your interest rate may be.

  111. 5 April 2013 It pays to have ‘friends’ like these

    In his latest 'Property Answers' column for the Daily Telegraph, DHA's Tony Winterbottom observes that debt can be your friend, saying good debt will work day and night for you and earn more than it costs to keep.

  112. 26 March 2013 Taxpayers face ATO “data-matching” crackdown

    New data-matching technology has given the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) the ability to scrutinise property dealings by around 10.4 million Australians. It has been reported that more than 649 million transactions were analysed last year.

  113. 19 March 2013 More Australian sellers making a profit from property

    Almost half the Australians who sold property at the end of 2012 made profits of at least 50% on their original purchase price and almost one third of them doubled their initial investment.

  114. 8 March 2013 Queen of the castle

    Australian women are beating men in the home ownership stakes.

  115. 7 March 2013 Buying beyond your home turf

    In his latest ‘Money Matters’ column for the Daily Telegraph, DHA's Tony Winterbottom says that by exploring options in new territory, residential property investors open themselves to the best Australia has to offer.

  116. 5 March 2013 Buyers return to property market

    Borrowing for residential property investments last year was just seven per cent below the 2007/08 market peak.

  117. 26 February 2013 Super profits on mortgages

    New research shows that banks are making an annual profit of about $2640 on the average $300,000 mortgage. This represents a profit of $79,200 over the lifetime of a 30-year mortgage

  118. 18 February 2013 Thousands of Aussies to lose up to $2000

    Australians have until 31 May to retrieve any lost or unclaimed superannuation funds before they are transferred to the Australian Taxation Office.

  119. 1 February 2013 How to change your lender and save

    When it comes to mortgages for property owners and investors, the Aussie "she'll be right" mindset is costing millions of us big 'bickies'.

  120. 31 January 2013 New home sales rise for third straight month

    Solid gains in house prices over three consecutive months foreshadow an improved property outlook for Australia’s housing sector.

  121. 29 January 2013 Love affair with property continues

    Online search traffic suggests Australians young and old remain highly motivated by real estate. News Limited’s Andrew Winter wonders if more property searchers will become buyers this year.

  122. 29 January 2013 Love affair with property hasn't faded

    According to research from, more of us may actually be prepared to act upon our online property searches this year.

  123. 28 January 2013 The older we get the smarter we'll be

    Housing an ageing community is expected to be a challenge in the year 2042.

  124. 28 January 2013 Mortgages made relatively easy

    Buying real estate is becoming more of a family affair with estate agents reporting an increase in siblings co-financing mortgages.

  125. 22 January 2013 Top three investment strategies for 2013

    The thing with strategies (and New Year resolutions) is that they need to be specific and achievable.

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