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'DHA gives us the freedom to enjoy
our time as new parents'


Family is the most important thing in Guru’s life. That’s why he’s working hard to set them up to live comfortably and be successful. It’s also why he decided to invest in DHA property.

Guru lives with his wife, Neetha, and energetic 20-month year old daughter. He says he’s grateful that DHA gives them the freedom to enjoy their time as new parents. They initially chose a DHA property investment because it gave them security and peace of mind.

They bought their first DHA property from an existing DHA investor. Then soon after, they bought a second DHA property, which they didn’t even have to inspect. Once the lease expired on their first property, they moved in and it became their family home.

Within the next 12 months, Guru and his wife hope to invest with DHA again.

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