Occupying Living-in Accommodation

Policy relating to Living-in Accommodation (LIA) is determined by the Department of Defence and is outlined on the ADF Pay and Conditions site.

Room cleaning and maintenance is not the responsibility of DHA. Please report this to the on-base accommodation office during business hours or speak with the Duty Officer.

Your contributions will automatically be commenced and ceased by Defence when you move in or out. For changes of categorisation, it can take up to 2 pay periods for the change of contribution to reflect in your pay.

If it is outside this period and still incorrect, please submit an enquiry via Online Services for investigation.

If you do not contribute to permanent housing in your housing benefit location, members who have no resident family (MBR) or recognised other persons are required to pay for LIA. This includes when you move between tenancies on posting. Additionally, members who have accompanied resident family (ARF) and/or recognised other persons may also be required to pay for transit rooms in certain circumstances.

Refer to ADF Pay and Conditions for further information regarding contributions.

Towels, soap and toilet paper are provided for stays of less than 21 days. If your stay is longer than 21 days, you are to provide your own towel and other items.

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