Learn how DHA's service fee may save you compared to leasing your property through a traditional real estate agent. 

In these reports created by BIS Oxford Economics, learn how after considering all the comparable costs of managing an investment property to the same standard,
the total cost of DHA’s service fee compares traditional real estate agent management agreement1. The reports include an analysis of:

  • Management fee costs

Find out the true cost of property management fees, including many additional expenses not captured in upfront published fees.

  • Repair costs

Learn more about one of your greatest ownership costs based on a review of almost 17,000 properties in DHA’s current portfolio.

  • Vacancy and re-letting costs

See how often you can expect your property to be vacant and how this affects your cash flow and returns.

  • Time and hassle costs

Find out how much time you can expect to spend working with your property manager to manage your property.

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1The information contained in this Report is of a general nature and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied on as advice, nor take the place of professional advice. Before making any decision in relation to DHA or any particular financial investment strategy, you should consider your own financial position, objectives and requirements.