Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions after reading these FAQs, email the Surveys team, submit an online enquiry or call 139 342.

Tenant and investor surveys

How do I know that I need to complete a survey?

If you are invited to complete a survey, you will be contacted via phone, email or post, explaining what the survey is about and how to complete one. The Housing and Maintenance surveys are conducted via phone, through an Australian contractor acting on DHA’s behalf. All other surveys are conducted via email or letter invitation, sent from DHA.

We conduct surveys with specific audiences depending on current needs. If you do not receive an invitation with the above information, please do not complete a survey. You may provide us with general feedback through our National Customer Service Line on 139 342 or through our online enquiry form.

I am unable to complete the survey at this time.

DHA values the feedback of tenants and lessors. This being said, survey participation is completely voluntary. If you are unable to complete the survey, simply delete the invitation or let the phone interviewer know.

If you would like to provide us with feedback at a later date, after the survey deadline has passed, please do so through our National Customer Service Line on 139 342 or submit an online enquiry.

I have received a reminder but have already completed or returned my survey.

If you have returned your survey but still received a reminder, please disregard the email or letter and do not complete a second survey. We try to minimise this happening but occasionally early returns are not processed in time and a letter is sent.

What is the reply paid envelope address?

Defence Housing Australia
Research Services
Reply Paid 60309

I can’t access the online survey

Please note that the online survey environment is not accessible through search engines such as Google; it can only be accessed through direct links provided in survey invitations. If you have problems accessing our surveys through one of these links, please try the following:

  1. If you are pasting the link into your browser, ensure that you are pasting it into the address bar at the top, rather than the search bar.
  2. If possible, try opening the link in a different web browser.
  3. Sometimes there may be issues connecting with the server. If you wait a while and then try the link again, it may work.
  4. If you are attempting to complete the survey at work, and would prefer to do so at home, you can try forwarding the invitation to your home email address and opening the link at home.
  5. The survey website may require you to enable cookies and JavaScript in your web browser, or clear your cache.
  6. For further help with technical difficulties, email the Surveys team.

I wish to provide additional feedback.

DHA values the feedback of tenants and lessors. Our surveys are designed to collect specific information, however, your comments on any aspect of our service or products are always welcome. Should you wish to offer additional feedback, please contact your local regional office on 139 DHA (139 342) or use our online enquiry form [link].

My personal details are incorrect.

If the address or personal details on your survey pack are incorrect please complete the online enquiry form [link] to correct this information.

Who can fill out the survey?

Partners or spouses of ADF members are able to complete the Annual Tenant, Maintenance and Housing surveys on their behalf.

If your partner has been sent a survey for lessors, you may complete the survey if you are also a lessor of the same property.

I am a not living in a DHA property – should I have received a survey?

Although you do not live in a DHA property, you may still have been asked to participate in DHA research. Your feedback will help us to better understand the housing needs of members and their families not living in a Service Residence, and to compare member satisfaction across different housing solutions.

I have just discovered a survey that I have not completed and returned – should I still complete it?

Yes, if you can complete and return the survey before the closing date specified in the cover letter or on the web page, please do so. If the closing date has passed, please check the survey’s web page to see if returns are still being accepted.

What is my property ID?

The property ID (or UPRN) is the unique reference number that is allocated to your property. Generally, your property ID will be included in the survey invitation, if it is required. Alternatively, you can find it through your Online Services account.

I own a number of properties, to which property should I refer?

The property we are asking you about is identified in the invitation letter or email. Please respond to the questions in the survey based on your experiences with DHA regarding that property.